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XYZ Center


to the most recognized dental professional association in the country—the ADA.


The Nashville Dental Society—the local component of the ADA—is committed to you throughout your career as a dentist and to developing your leadership skills to create the next generation of leaders in dentistry.

New Grads—You're In!  Email NDS to get started!

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New Dentist Blog


New Dentist Now...Now What?

Visit the ADA New Dentist Blog

Rocket - Career Connnections

Career Connections

Visit the NDS Career Center to see practice opportunities or post your contact information and CV.



Owl - continuing education

CE & Networking

CE and fun networking events

for New Dentists and for all Dentists.  

Check out upcoming CE

Decisions are being made today that will affect the next 30+ years—your career. Gen X, Y and Z are the workforce of today. Millenials (Gen Y) are now the largest group in the workforce and the oldest of the Zs (1996-2009) just turned 18 and are heading to a front desk or chair near you!  

Find your place in organized dentistry at the Nashville Dental Society!


Who is a New Dentist?

The ADA and its state and local societies define a new dentist as a dentist who graduated from dental school fewer than 10 years ago.  

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